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With nearly 25 years of preaching ministry there are so many lessons I've learned throughout the years. I haven't stopped learning; I'm still growing. Teaching others what we have learned as a part of God's plan for growth and maturity. Sharing with you what I wish someone had told me. This is far beyond having a great preaching topic with five points. It's the journey, the story, the battles, test, trials, pitfalls, and tremendous victories. With that being said, I'm just thrilled at the opportunity to share with you some of my ministry/leadership secrets and strategies that will help propel you to your next level: Sharing my successes and failures, highs and lows, answering the ministry call!

Thank you for your interest in Mentorship with Medina Pullings.
We are so excited and enthused about what God is going to do in your life.
For the first three days we will offer the online class for $97. After Tuesday, May 9th, classes will be $107. Registration is open and filling up quickly; so register today!!!

On Monday, May 15th from 9:00pm to 10:30pm est., I will be hosting an online “Mentorship with Medina” focusing on Discovering Your Kingdom Purpose. In this class, we will cover how to identify who you are called to be, knowing your assignment, answering the call, sphere dominance, becoming a specialist in your area, and how to move forward right now.


So if you’re ready for your next level, believe that God has called you to the ministry, just getting started in ministry, or have been in ministry for years. Don't wait… register today! Discover your Kingdom Purpose NOW! Your next dimension awaits you! No longer stuck!! Let's go!!




Medina Pullings

** Deadline to register is May 15, 2017. **

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